Hiroshi Harada


Hiroshi Harada is a Japanese artist who left his native land more than 40 years ago and moved to Paris in order to look there for a new artistic language and form as a painter.

Although the rectangle does not exist in nature, his ultimate aim has always been to represent all aspects of his inner life using this format, which is why his paintings cannot be reduced to pure abstraction. For a long time Harada worked in monochrome until a certain day when his black-and-white world exploded into colour. Sparkling yellow is typical of many of his works. This lively colour palette confirms that Harada has in essence always been searching for a way to express inner joy, spirituality as well as joie de vivre. Hiroshi Harada’s work cannot be categorised under one heading. He is modern not only in the way he paints, but also in the way he touches and overwhelms us with exuberant colour combinations from his inner repertoire, with lines and areas that intersect or are fractionally misaligned. Each of his works invites us to contemplation. He remains true to his Oriental roots in everything he does and his vision that ‘beauty is to be found in imperfection’.