Sedes Sapientiae - 'Enthroned Virgin'

polychromed wood
North-Spain/Catalunya (?), ca. 1200
h: 68 cm
Now in the Chapel of the Abbey O.L.V. Koningsoord
Arnhem/ The Netherlands

Bernardus of Clairvaux

polychromed wood
France/ South Burgundy or Valley of the Rhone - Avignon-Lyon or possibly Paris, 2. half XIII
h: 86 cm
Now in a French private collection

Corps of a sitting Madonna with Child

Tournai, Atelier of Jean Delemer, ca. 1425-1430
h: 54 cm
bought by 'les Amis de la Cathédrale' for the museum in the Cathedral of Tournai.


Germany/ found in Dresden, XII
h: 22 cm
Now in a Dutch private collection

Mary and Elisabeth

polychromed wood
The Netherlands/Mosan ?, ca. 1470
h: 79 cm
Now in private collection

Jacob of Compostella

France/Champagne, possible Troyes? ca. 1500
h: 90 cm

Now in the Cathedral of Roermond

Virgin and Child

wood with remains of the original polychrome
Italy/ Tuscany under the influence of Avignon
early XIV, h: 80 cm

Now in a private collection in France/Paris.

Enthroned Virgin and Child - " Schöne Madonna"

polychromed wood
attributed to ' der Meister der Danziger Madonna' , ca. 1420
h: 64 cm
Now in a Belgian private collection.


gilded copper with precious stones
Limoges, ca. 1220
h: 27 cm

Enthroned Virgin & Child

wood with tiny remains of polychrome
Tournai, ca. 1460
attributed to the so called 'Master of Wodecq'
h: 90 cm - w: 48 cm
Now in the 'Musée de Flandres' in Cassel (France)

God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ

Two fragments of a 'Coronation of the Virgin'
wood with original polychrome
Brussels, ca. 1510-1515
H: 44 cm
Now in a Belgian private collection.

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