Casket decorated with horsemen and animals

ivory with important remnants of the original polychrome with gilt copper mounts
Siculo-Arabic, Sicily or Southern Italy, 12th century
16 by 32 by 18,5 cm

Betrothal casket with courting scenes

leather on wood with gilt copper mounting
France, ca. 1360 - 1380
11 x 31 x 21 cm

Lombard folding-chair

forged iron with yellow copper inlay
Longobard period, VI-VII
43 x 35 cm

-the leather seat is not original -

Two fragments with Dominican Monks from earlier murals in the refectory of the old Dominican monastery in Ghent

Ghent, 14th century
50 by 40 and 50 by 36 cm

DE BACKKER Medieval Art, Grote Plaats 31, B-2323 Hoogstraten