Architectural element of a 'Ciborium'

o├Âlitic limestone
Carolingian renaissance, Italy, 9th century
61 x 81 x 9 cm

Virgin and Child

carved limestone with remnants of the original and later polychrome
France/ Lorraine, 1st quarter 14th century
h: 119 cm

Fragment of a sarcophagus representing 'Scenes of the life of Saint Menas of Egypt'

Early Christian, Italy/ Rome, 5th-6th century
60 by 40 cm

Angel of an Annunciation

France, mid 15th century
h: 40 cm

Baptismal font with four heads

with the representation of rivers from paradise
(Tigris, Eufraat, Pison & Gihon)
Carara marble
North- Italy/ Liguria (?), XI-XII
46 x 25 cm
note: restoration on one of the heads


Italy/Emilia Romagna(?), 1st quarter 13th century
78 x 60 x 20 cm

Fragment of a stone representing a lizard

Italy/Lucca (?),13th century
w: 53 cm

Head of a man (knight?)

France/ Gallo-romain , III-IV
h: 35,6 cm


stone ' marmo Greco fasciato'
pre-roman, IX-X
48 x 52,5 x 29 cm

Architectural element of a trilobed window

Italy/Umbria or Lombardy, XIII
32 x 62 cm

DE BACKKER Medieval Art, Grote Plaats 31, B-2323 Hoogstraten