The teaching Anna

limestone with remnants of the original polychrome
France/ Normandy, ca. 1320
h: 130 cm
Note: restoration at the head of Mary

Marble fragment depicting 'The tree of Life'

Carolingian, 9th century, Italy
49 by 69 cm

Torso of a Crucifix

Limestone with important remnants of the original polychrome
Attributed to the Saint Anastasia Master
(Active in Verona between the end of the 13th and the fouth decade of the 14th century)
The first quarter of the 14th century, about 1320
60 x 22 x 22 cm
Export license Italy


Italy, ca. 1280, Italy (style Pisanesque)
60 by 40 cm,
Provenance: private collection Firenze
Export license Italy

Fragment of a sarcophagus representing 'Scenes of the life of Saint Menas of Egypt'

Caroligian Renaissance, 9th century, Italy/ Rome
60 by 40 cm

Architectural element of a 'Ciborium'

o├Âlitic limestone
Carolingian renaissance, Italy, 9th century
61 x 81 x 9 cm


Italy/Emilia Romagna(?), 1st quarter 13th century
78 x 60 x 20 cm

Head of a man (knight?)

France/ Gallo-romain , III-IV
h: 35,6 cm

DE BACKKER Medieval Art, Grote Plaats 31, B-2323 Hoogstraten