Casket decorated with horsemen and animals

ivory with important remnants of the original polychrome with gilt copper mounts
Siculo-Arabic, Sicily or Southern Italy, 12th century
16 by 32 by 18,5 cm

Diptych with 'Scenes from the life of Christ'

ivory with silver mounting
Southern German or Rhenish/Mosan
ca. 1210-1250
6,3 by 12 cm

Diptych 'The Madonna flanked by two angels ' & 'The crucifixion'

Rhineland, 14th century
9,5 x 5 cm (x2)


Ivory with gilt mounting
Siculo-Arabic, 12th - 13th century
13 x 22 x 13 cm

Ivory plaque with scenes of 'Sir Gallahad & Sir Lancelot'

France, 14th century
5 x 11,5 cm

Virgin and Child

Southern Netherlands, XIV
H: 13,5 cm

Virgin & Child a so called 'Madonna Lactans'

Île-de-France, 1st quarter 14th century
h: 10 cm

DE BACKKER Medieval Art, Grote Plaats 31, B-2323 Hoogstraten