Silver, partially gilded
12th century, Spain or France
Ø 15 cm
Case covered with silk, Ø 17,7 by 4 cm, 15th century (C-14 analysis)

Crucifix, Limoges, ca. 45 x 27 cm, ca. 1220, prov. : private collection Italy

gilded and engraved copper with enamels
Limoges, ca. 1220
45 by 27 cm
gilded copper with enamels and gems
Limoges, ca. 1220
h: 18 cm


Bronze with remnants of the gilding
North - Italy, ca. 1200
h: 14,5 cm


gilt copper
Germany, (?) 15th century
h: 15,5 cm


gilded copper with gems and rockcristal
Mid-France, 13th century
h: 17,5 cm

DE BACKKER Medieval Art, Grote Plaats 31, B-2323 Hoogstraten