The Madonna surrounded by angels

oilpaint on wood
Brussels, about 1500
59,1 by 40 cm

The Calvary

tempera & oil paint on wood
Spain/(Segovia?), 2nd quarter of the 15th century
166 by 98 cm
C14- analysis by the K.I.K./ I.R.P.A. Brussels ( 1410 -1470 AD)
Prov.: private collection Bilbao, 1930's

Virgin and Child

oil on panel
School Rogier van der Weijden, end 15th century
35 by 37 cm

Frame not original

Panel 'Madonna surrounded by Saints'

Tempera on linen on wood
Nuremberg, ca. 1460
124 by 193 cm ( without frame)
138 by 206 cm (with frame)

The Crucifixion

tempera on gold ground
Spain/ Léon , Nicolas Frances (active in Léon between 1434 and 1468)
2nd quarter of the 15th century
69,2 by 58,3 cm

Panel'The Calvary'

tempera on wood
Italy, attributed to the Master of the Tempere Franciscana'
the so called Pietro Orinina ( 1340 - 1345)
75 by 47 cm

'The death of Mary'

Tempera and oilpaint on wood
Spain, attributed to the Master of Torà (group), 1410-1440
Frame of later date
height: 1.35 cm
width: 78 cm
The panel has a Spanish export license.


tempera on gold ground on wood
attributed to Cecco di Pietro ( Pisa, 1364-1399)
34,8 by 19 cm

The Lamentation

oilpaint on wood
copy after a lost work of Hugo van der Goes, ca. 1500
50,50 by 40,50 cm

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