Sedes Sapientiae

the Pyrenees/Massif Central, 2nd half 12th century
h: 77 cm

Seated Virgin and Child

polychromed wood
North-Spain/ Castile or León, 14th century
h: 54 cm

Virgin and Child

Paris, 3rd quarter of the 13th century
h: 27 cm

Torso of a Crucifix

Limestone with important remnants of the original polychrome
Attributed to the Saint Anastasia Master
(Active in Verona between the end of the 13th and the fouth decade of the 14th century)
The first quarter of the 14th century, about 1320
60 x 22 x 22 cm
Export license Italy

Saint Anne Trinity (the Child is missing)

(or perhaps a Sedes Sapientiae ?)
polychromed wood
Italy/South-Tyrol, Pustertal (?), ca. 1220
h: 65 cm
C14 report K.I.K./I.R.P.A. Brussels

Saint John beneath the Cross

polychromed wood
South-France/ Burgundy (Avignon?), end XIII
h: 88 cm

The seated Virgin and Child

(active around South Tyrol, Tyrol and Salzburg), ca 1320/30
Swiss pine, polychrome and gilded with traces of paste
77 × 33.5 × 29 cm

Corps of Christ

wood with remains of original polychrome
North Italy, XIV
H: 90 cm

Enthroned Virgin and Child

polychromed wood
Italy/Piemonte, 14th century
h: 100 cm

The mourning Virgin

polychromed wood
Germany/Westphalia (former cloister Weddern in Dülmen)
reliquary space to the back and three missing cabochons to the front
ca. 1320
h: 54 cm
Provenance: Former collection Edgar Jetter, Münster

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