Seated Virgin and Child

polychromed wood
North-Spain/ Castile or León, 14th century
h: 54 cm

The seated Virgin and Child

(active around South Tyrol, Tyrol and Salzburg), ca 1320/30
Swiss pine, polychrome and gilded with traces of paste
77 × 33.5 × 29 cm

Christ at rest

Burgundy or Southern Netherlands
2nd half of the 15th century
h: 69 cm

Christ standing

polychromed wood
Italy/ Tuscany (?), 14th century
h: 52 cm

Virgin and Child

carved limestone with remnants of the original and later polychrome
France/ Lorraine, 1st quarter 14th century
h: 119 cm

Sedes Sapientiae

the Pyrenees/Bigorre?, 2nd half 12th century
h: 77 cm

Sedes Sapientiae

wood with remains of the original polychrome
Central Italy, 13th century
h: 75,5 cm
Provenance: private collection Vicenza, Italy
Export license

Corps of Christ

wood with remains of original polychrome
North Italy, XIV
H: 90 cm

Enthroned Virgin & Child - 'Sedes Sapientiae'

(or perhaps a Saint Anne Trinity with Child missing?)
polychromed wood
Italy/South-Tyrol (Pustertal?), ca. 1220
h: 65 cm
C14 report K.I.K./I.R.P.A. Brussels

Seated Virgin and Child

polychromed wood
Italy/ Milan (Ciacomo del Maino?), ca. 1470-1480
h: 41 cm

Enthroned Virgin and Child

polychromed wood
Italy/Piemonte, 14th century
h: 100 cm

Virgin and Child

terra cotta with remains of the polychrome
The Netherlands/ Utrecht, ca. 1450
h: 27,8 cm

Christ of a Pieta

wood with remains of the polychrome
Germany, ca. 1350-1360
L: 60 cm

The mourning Virgin

polychromed wood
Germany/Westphalia (former cloister Weddern in Dülmen)
reliquary space to the back and three missing cabochons to the front
ca. 1320
h: 54 cm
Provenance: Former collection Edgar Jetter, Münster

Saint John beneath the Cross

polychromed wood
South-France/ Burgundy (Avignon?), end XIII
h: 88 cm

DE BACKKER Medieval Art, Grote Plaats 31, B-2323 Hoogstraten